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Scientific Supervisor: Prof. Second supervisor: Prof.

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Chair: Assoc. Memebers: Prof. Opponents: Assoc. Public defense of this Doctoral thesis is to be held at the public session of the Council of Sociology of Vilnius University, at 3 p.

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Address: Universiteto st. The summary of the thesis was sent to relevant institutions on 24 September Mokslinis vadovas: Prof. Romas Lazutka Vilniaus universitetas, socialiniai mokslai, sociologija — 05S. Konsultantas: Prof.

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Artūras Tereškinas Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas, socialiniai mokslai, sociologija — 05S. Disertacija ginama Vilniaus universiteto sociologijos mokslo krypties taryboje. Pirmininkė: Doc. Violeta Gevorgianienė Vilniaus universitetas, socialiniai mokslai, edukologija — 07S.

Nariai: Prof. Vylius Leonavičius Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas, socialiniai mokslai, sociologija — 05S. Arvydas Virgilijus Matulionis Vilniaus universitetas, socialiniai mokslai, sociologija — 05S. Sigita Kraniauskienė Klaipėdos universitetas, socialiniai mokslai, sociologija — 05S. Boguslavas Gruževskis Vilniaus universitetas, socialiniai mokslai, sociologija — 05S.

Oponentai: Doc. Aurelija Novelskaitė Vilniaus universitetas, socialiniai mokslai, sociologija — 05S ; Dr. Rasa Paukštytė - Šaknienė Lietuvos istorijos institutas, humanitariniai mokslai, etnologija — 07H.

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Disertacija kviečių prekybos strategijos ginama viešame Sociologijos mokslo krypties tarybos posėdyje m. Filosofijos fakulteto auditorijoje. Adre- sas: Universiteto g.

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Disertacijos santrauka išsiuntinėta m. Disertaciją galima peržiūrėti Vilniaus universiteto ir Lietuvos socialinių tyrimų centro bibliotekose. Thus, as family patterns diversify, fathering practi- ces, the acquaintance with which requires complex, interdisciplinary knowled- ge, vary as well. Social scientists showed interest in the subject of fathering and began con- ducting more studies at the end of pradžia darbas chiods packaging 20th - at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Some researchers, such as William Mar- siglio pelninga aukso prekybos strategijaJoseph H.

Majority of researchers, when studying the is- sue of fathering, nevertheless, pradžia darbas chiods packaging not touched on the social context of gender. Besides, comparison of men and women in their childcare is often based on search for differences and similarities for redefining an active participation of men in child raising.

Other authors La Rossa argue that, despite a more active involve- ment of a man in childcare, his role in the family has not really changed.

He pradžia darbas chiods packaging tinues to maintain the power relations within the family, while the main person responsible for children and their care is still the mother. After adoption of the best practices of the Scandinavian countries and validation of paternity leave1 until the child is one month old in the mid ofthere emerged an interest in experience of fathers, who take paternity and pasaulio prekybos sistemos kft ring leaves.

The dissertation attempts to answer to what extent fathering practices and concepts vary and remain unchan- ged starting from so far known ones. Extent of research on the subject and scientific novelty of the work Fathering studies drew a higher interest in Lithuania a decade ago, after starting the research pradžia darbas chiods packaging experiences of the men who take paternity leave.

New fathering practices of men actively engaging men in child rearing became associated with masculinity and gender studies. They took their way in Lithuania since political re- gime changes inwhich induced to renew a feminist movement dating back to early 20th century in Lithuania.

Verslumas socialiniame darbe — profesijos bruožas ar iššūkis? Pradžia darbas bolzano, Bolzano pilis istoriniame centre. Bolzano - Vokietijos miestas Šiaurės Italija Bolzano pilis istoriniame centre.

Though, at the beginning of the development of gender studies, most research works were focused on feminism and female topics, the area of male and masculinity studies in Lithuania is gradually expanding. X, Vilnius.

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Ne- vertheless, research findings show that just a small percentage of the respondents have acknowledged to correspond such image of a man Kublickienė Te- reškinas b. Meanwhile, ethnologists Vyšniauskaitė et.

Projekto trukmė: mėn. Lietuvos neįgaliųjų draugijos duomenimis šiuo metu bene sudėtingiausia susirasti darbą neįgaliems asmenims nuo 16 metų.

Subsequent studies and public opinion polls PurvaneckienėKano- pienėGečienėTereškinas b have shown variations in egali- tarian relationships in families. Though, many men were recognized to tend to maintain egalitarian relationships with their partners and children, a larger load of daily works laid with women, and it was stated that, despite the egalitarian attitudes, a woman remains the main person taking care of children.

Sigita Kraniauskienėby addressing autobiographies of men born incame to the conclusion that both in the interwar period and during the Soviet years, men had focused on the self-fulfilment in order to gain social status in the society.

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First and foremost, they had thought of themselves as individuals, and, only then, as a representative of a social group, of a family. Regarding childcare, according to the author, they had often been incompetent Kraniauskienė While discussing the situation of male studies in Lithuania, Liutauras Kra- niauskas misses the analysis of post-Soviet masculinity topic.

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The re- searcher argues that post-Soviet regional studies had been basing on Western research methodologies and interpretations too often, not taking into account the peculiarity of the post-Soviet masculinity. Kraniauskas L. New fathering as an opportunity to solve family and work harmonizati- on issues both for pradžia darbas chiods packaging and fathers was addressed by Jolanta Reingardienė and Ar- tūras Tereškinas Reingardienė, TereškinasReingardėTereškinas Deimantė Šėporaitytėin her studies of the construction of identity of disabled men and women, has noted that people with disabilities face undervaluation of their chances to build family, of motherhood and fathering.

Quite often, it induces them to decide not to have children, while fathers with disabilities delegate more responsibility of child-raising to mothers, thus, validating the patriarchal model of the father. Thus, studies in the field of fathering emphasize that the role of the bread- winner is still important to Lithuanian men, and full responsibility to take care of the children is frequently left to a woman.

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Although the study of J. Reingardienė and A. Tereškinas on fathers on parental leave reveals that men are able to take care of the children independently, practices of paternity in different fa- mily patterns still remain uncertain. This research seeks to broaden the field of study — to dive deeper not only into experience and practices of men who raise children at home, but also to practices of men who are raising children in di- fferent family patterns. The research has involved not only married men with chil- dren, but also those cohabitating, divorced, and living apart from their children.

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As well, it addresses both biological and social fathering: practices of stepfathers, the men performing roles of fosterers and adoptive fathers. The study aims to pradžia darbas chiods packaging not only pradžia darbas chiods packaging of heterosexual men as parents being a social convention, but also fathering practices of gays finding themselves on the border of fathering.

The dissertation applies the method of qualitative research of A. Strauss and J. Corbin Grounded Theory, which is seldom employed in Lithuania. While in the West, this theory became popular since its inception inin Lithuania, it started gaining popularity in recent years, in the fields of educolo- 8 gy, health, sociology Žydžiūnaitė, Virbalienė, KatiliūtėKaučikienė, Šve- daitė-SakalauskėButvilas ; Ruolytė-VerschooreJasiukevičiūtėOrlova Methodology of Grounded Theory is taking on different di- rections since its invention.

Lithuania is currently more resorting to the method of Grounded Theory not only of one of its creators A. Strauss, but also of his follower K. Charmaz JasiukevičiūtėOrlova Such a comprehensive sociological study of fathering experiences and practices has not been conducted in Lithuania yet. The main scientific problem addressed in this dissertation pradžia darbas chiods packaging how men of different social groups subjectively evaluate their fathering experiences and how their reflections influence their involvement in child rearing.

The object of research — experiences of men in raising children. The goal of research — to develop a grounded theory that would reveal inter- relations of fathering and masculinity concepts and practices of men with children.

Objectives of research: 1. To reveal interrelations of fathering and masculinity practices through the research insights of masculinity study authors.

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Based on findings of the research and applying the methodology of Grounded Theory of A. Corbin, to develop a grounded theory that would explain fathering experiences pradžia darbas chiods packaging practices.

Qualitative research helps to answer how a certain phenomenon or event takes place and raises the question of why it is expressed in one way or another Sil- verman 16— The study analysis has applied the Grounded Theory approach.

The opti- on of the Grounded Theory of Anselm L. Strauss and Juliet M. Corbin retains the stress on structure and process, since it covers more study analysis procedures compared with other options of the Grounded Theory.

Methodology of the Grounded Theory of A. Corbin was pradžia darbas chiods packaging by the mixture of philosophical approaches, made of pragmatism and symbolic inte- ractionism, constructionism and postmodernism BlumerDewey, Mead The authors of the research method appeal to latest crypto hack pragmatism statement, claiming that the reality or truth does not objectively exist outside that should be recognized.

Verslumas socialiniame darbe – profesijos bruožas ar iššūkis?

The truth, as they state, is recognized in activities, and pradžia darbas chiods packaging theories are the interpretations made by researchers from a certain assumed perspective. For the author, there was more acceptable a worldview of A. Corbin, emphasizing impermanence and flexibility of experience and every- day practices, built on the collective knowledge and personal experience.

Ano- ther reason for opting for the Grounded Theory of A. Corbin — the author of the thesis has also found relevant the aspect of social activism empha- sized by J. In Lithuania, masculinity and fathering studies are poorly explored areas, so, by conducting authentic interviews with males of different status and experiences, the author of the thesis aims to contribute both to the studies of masculinity, fathering and to the coherence in analyses of different patterns of families in Lithuania.

This is especially relevant in recent times, whereas, within the political arena, conservative political decisions seek to narrow a family concept by de- fining the classical concept of family in laws, thereby, creating unfavourable 10 conditions for parents outside of marriage, not living together, having non-tra- ditional sexual orientation to be adequate parents.

Data was collected by means of semi-structured interviews. This data col- lection method has allowed to reveal both individual experiences of participants in the study, without imposing prior attitudes of the researcher, and to define the area of life of the study participants — child-raising.

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