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L e i d y b ą r ė m ė Lietuvos mokslo taryba sutarties Nr. Vileišio g. DIN Thus, when working with terminologies, we are within a given domain of study or practice that may be easier or less easy to delineate. Activities dealing with terminologies are called terminology work, which we define as work concerned with the identification, collection, processing, description, presentation and use of concepts and their designations cf. In the two definitions, the characteristic r e l a t e d t o concepts and their designations is of paramount importance: both concepts and designations are dealt with automatizuota prekybos sistemos amibrokeris people carry out various terminology work tasks.

The present article has a twofold aim: a taking stock of three topics in terminology maržos prekybos sistema kse, as practiced today, and b presenting novel developments related to these topics that might drive the future of terminology work and terminology training.

They have been chosen based on recent standardisation efforts for and research on terminology work: section 2 deals with designations as terminological units, section 3 is about concept modelling and section 4 discusses reference tools for translators. Section 5 contains some thoughts on possible implications for the training of terminology experts. We conclude and provide a brief outlook in section 6.

Basically, we distinguish between three types of designations: maržos prekybos sistema kse, appellation and symbol cf.

Felber ; Felber, Budin 3ff. Terms, such as high-performance chromatography sign, designate general concepts and consist of words or word-like character strings cf. ISO6. Appellations, such as Tempo or Nobel Peace Prizeare similar, but designate individual concepts.

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Finally, symbols such as 1 or, are an important aid to international communication because their visual representation of concepts functions independently of any given language ISO They represent general or individual concepts cf. ISO Also, it is enriched by a description of various appellations in ISO56ff.

However, all in all we should have a concept system designation that is more ilgai tik prekybos strategijos and more systematic than existing classifications.

The recently published Austrian standard ÖNORM A is an attempt to reach this objective: in cooperation with onomasticians and nomenclature experts, a comprehensive classification of designations, in particular of proper names and related designations, has been developed. What is it according to the above division? An appellation because it refers to an individual concept related to a well-known information technology company?

Or a symbol because parts of it are non-verbal? While terms may contain symbols cf. ISO6symbols have not yet been sufficiently defined and classified.

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As a second example, let us reflect on the designation ISBN. Many terminology experts would not regard this character string as a designation at all. However, what is the fundamental maržos prekybos sistema kse between an ISBN and the corresponding book title, which we would consider an appellation, though? We need to broaden maržos prekybos sistema kse interpretation of what constitutes a designation, since unconventional designations such as article numbers and identifiers used in e-commerce are gaining ground in many different fields cf.

Galinski, Giraldo Pérez A broader, yet more detailed classification of designations would also enable us to establish closer ties between software tools used in terminology management, product management, enterprise resource planning and the like.

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Hence, the degree of interoperability could be increased as well. To this end, experts in terminology, nomenclatures and name studies onomastics should cooperate more closely in the future. There are many common problems that will be easier to solve by means of common solutions.

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The notation used in concept diagrams today has historical roots and is described in standard literature on terminology work, e. Figure 1. Also, it is difficult to interpret for computer applications: mostly, such concept diagrams come in the form of binary files that do not contain any semantics in addition to the pictorial information itself.

Thus, there have been standardisation efforts in the past years to offer alternative forms of graphical representations. For instance, a recent ISO standard techniniai rodikliai akcijų prekyboje terminology work deals with concept models, i.

More precisely, the use of the Unified Modeling Language notation is proposed see fig. Figure 2.

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Concept model alpine ski derived from ISOdrawn according to ISO ballet ski The main benefit of the above notation is that it follows a detailed and freely available specification providing a formal syntax. Also, it can be interpreted automatically by dedicated UML modelling tools. Furthermore, a semi-automatic conversion from UML concept models to terminological definitions and vice versa might be possible in the future cf. Löckinger, Kockaert, Maržos prekybos sistema kse 78ff. These are strong arguments for using formalised means instead of or at least in addition to conventional notations only.

For innovative methods of representing terminologies in graphical form, a closer maržos prekybos sistema kse between terminology experts and data modelling experts is essential. Terminologija 10 4.

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At present, however, most reference tools do not fulfil their needs: relevant information is often scattered over different media printed vs. This situation can be illustrated as follows see kaip opciono prekyba veikia robinhood. Figure 3.

Translators and maržos prekybos sistema kse reference tools today Some of the language resources available to translators may in fact be very sophisticated reference tools in electronic form. However, these resources are usually kept within individual information containers all of which have their individual user interfaces as well.

termino- terminology ТЕРМИНОЛОГИЯ Lietuvių kalbos institutas Vilnius ISSN X 22

Thus, innovative reference tools for translators should be integrated language resources as depicted below see fig. Figure 4.

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Translators and their reference tools in the future While there are many software tools that combine maržos prekybos sistema kse translation memories and terminological databases, hardly any of them include text corpora as a third pillar.

It is to be hoped that more language technology vendors will consider adding relevant text corpus management features to their software tools in the future.

With regard to designations as terminological units, terminology trainers both at universities and in other contexts should raise students awareness of maržos prekybos sistema kse designation types, since product classifications, e-commerce systems and the like are becoming more and more common. Closely related to that, the interdisciplinary nature of terminologies should be emphasised: many academic disciplines and fields of practice name studies, nomenclatures, classification, etc.

Terminologija 12 As to concept modelling, the role of graphical representations of concept fields and concept systems should be given more emphasis. Maržos prekybos sistema kse diagrams and concept maržos prekybos sistema kse hold a great learning potential compared to the underlying traditional terms and definitions texts ease of comprehension due to a clear visibility of concept relations, etc.

Also, software tools for concept modelling should be part and parcel of terminology trainings when it comes to visualising terminologies.

Concerning reference tools for translators, the main need is indepth training in language technology-related matters. Having received well-founded training in this area, translators will be in a position to better assess what software features are realistic and feasible today and where well-established and innovative features converge. Secondly, translators should be encouraged to communicate their information needs more often and more clearly to language technology vendors.

It is based on a state-of-the-art body of knowledge recorded in textbooks, specialist journals, national and international standards, etc. The main goal of this article was to identify and discuss three essential topics in terminology work: designations as terminological units, concept modelling, and reference tools for translators.

To do so, we have described current best practices and presented novel solutions and beyond based on recent standardisation efforts and research. In the future, the terminology expert community should continue to promote and refine the professional profile of terminology work and terminology experts.

Kaip matote iš aukščiau, mūsų forex signaluose visada bus šešios pagrindinės informacijos. Panagrinėkime kai kuriuos iš šių svarbių duomenų detaliau.

Also, the interaction between terminology studies and terminology work should be deepened, for instance via empirical research and relevant industry projects whose results may feed back into research in terminology studies.

Finally, we should establish or foster cooperation with related fields in order to learn from each other, for mutual benefit and in a common interest. Available online at Allard M. Doctoral thesis, University of Ottawa. Available online at Arntz R. Bowker L. Corpus-Based Translation Studies. Research and Applications.

Kruger A. Felber H. Galinski C. ISO Terminology work Vocabulary.


Part 1. Theory and application. ISO Skis Vocabulary. ISO Interpreting Guidelines for community interpreting. Guidelines for using UML notation in terminology work. Part 2.

Available online at Löckinger G. Localisation Focus. The International Journal of Localisation. Löckinger G. Handbook of Terminology 1, Kockaert H. Pavel S. Available online at Suonuuti H. Wüster E. Jis remiasi naujausiomis žiniomis, užfiksuotomis vadovėliuose, maržos prekybos sistema kse žurnaluose, nacionaliniuose bei tarptautiniuose standartuose ir kt.

Pagrindinis šio straipsnio tikslas išskirti ir aptarti tris svarbias terminologijos darbo temas: žymiklius kaip terminologinius vienetus, sąvokų modeliavimą ir informacines priemones vertėjams. Kalbant apie žymiklius kaip terminologinius vienetus teigiama, kad dabartinė maržos prekybos sistema kse žymiklis sistema nėra tokia detali ir sistemiška, kokia turėtų būti.

Ypač reikalinga išsamesnė tikrinių vardų ir į vardus panašių žymiklių klasifikacija, turint omenyje Terminologija 14 augančią jų svarbą el. Kalbant apie sąvokų modeliavimą atkreipiamas dėmesys į grafinio sąvokų laukų ir sąvokų sistemų vaizdavimo svarbą ryšiams tarp sąvokų parodyti.

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