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Physical Training. While for some authors team sport players should have a high VO2max, we hypothesize that there exist a non-linear relationship between VO2max and basketball performance. Research aims.

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Research aims were to study the correlation between basketball performance and Loughborough universiteto sporto strategija in young elite basketball players and the effects altcoin market cap chart tradingview VO2max training on performance.

Research methods. In the fi rst study, 67 high-level young basketball players performed a shuttle-run test SRT to measure their VO2max. Competition performance assessed through statistics ratings of 5 matches was determined for all players.

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The correlation between VO2max and performance was calculated. In the second study, the VO2max and the competition performance of 34 high-level young male players was assessed as in the fi rst study. The sample was divided into control and experimental groups, loughborough universiteto sporto strategija trained their VO2max.

At the end of the training period all participants repeated the SRT. The results of 4 games played before the fi rst test and 4 games played after the second test against the same opponents were compared in both groups. Research results. In the fi rst study we found a correlation of VO2max with steals in both groups.

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In the second study, the experimental group increased their VO2max and steals per game, but they decreased free throw per game and free throw percentage. Discussion and conclusions.

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No correlation was found between VO2max and competitive performance in this study, and increased VO2max had no effect on most of the studied variables. The data therefore suggest a non-linear relationship between VO2max and basketball performance. Keywords: aerobic capacity, basketball performance, non-linear relationship.

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Traditionally, performance has been considered to be the sum of several aspects: physical level endurance, strength, velocity, etc.

In recent years many tests have been developed to assess each of these components separately, the main objective being to monitor and train these capacities on an individual basis. In order to quantify the performance of players in competitive settings the game is broken down into isolated actions that are later quantifi ed.

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However, there are at least two key questions that require further investigation: is competitive performance equivalent to the sum of a limited set of isolated actions or to the sum of different qualities assessed through specifi c tests? Is there a linear relation between performance components and the competitive performance itself, i.

One of the main indicators of the level of aerobic capacity development is VO2max. Its importance in competitive performance is wellknown and rests on the relationship between aerobic capacity and both repeated sprint ability RSA and phosphocreatine levels Bishop et al.

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In addition, a decrease in intracellular pH due to low aerobic capacity may also contribute to the decline in power output during RSA via inhibition of glycolysis Westerblad et al. The relationship between increased VO2max and the total distance ran and the distance covered at high-running speed has already been studied in soccer Impellizzeri et al.

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In competitive basketball, especially in young players, an increase in VO2max levels seems crucial because of the fast movements performed throughout the game and the fact that aerobic metabolism is the predominant energy source Abdelkrim et al.

Consequently, we hypothesise that an increase in VO2max will have an effect on match performance. Although it is commonly assumed that there is a linear relationship between physical condition components and performance, some recent experiments have shown non-linear relationships between these components: for example, between strength training and aerobic capacity Paavolainen et al.

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Loughborough universiteto sporto strategija is therefore unclear whether an increase in VO2max will produce a linear improvement loughborough universiteto sporto strategija the performance of a basketball player, as there may be interactions with other components. This is a common effect in complex adaptive systems the behaviour of which being the result of an immense number of coordinated spatio-temporal processes, is highly non-linear Hristovski et al.

Iš pirmo žvilgsnio jis neatrodo labai sudėtingas žingsnis, tačiau mirties bangos naudoja beveik visas kūno raumenų grupes. Tai klubo dominuojantis pratimas, todėl jis puikiai tinka glutespakinkliai ir apatinė nugaros dalis kartais vadinama užpakalinė grandinėbet jis taip pat veikia keturračiai pilvo srityje, viršutinėje nugaros dalyje, rankose, dilbiuose,irpečius. Sustiprinę tiek daug raumenų grupių, aklavietės taip pat padeda išvengti kelių, klubų, kulkšnių ir apatinės nugaros dalies sužalojimų.

In other words, their macroscopic behaviour e. The aim of this study was therefore twofold: A To study the correlation between individual basketball performance assessed on the basis of basketball statistics and aerobic capacity in young high-level basketball players.

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B To study the effects of aerobic capacity training on competitive performance in the same population.

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