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Licence of the cryptocurrency exchange operator Currently, Lithuania is a recognized traditional financial european crypto coin for the licensing of payments and electronic money in Europe. Binance provides its services to European clients from Lithuania. License european crypto coin of cryptocurrency There are two types of authorization for crypto activity: A cryptocurrency exchange operator is a company or affiliate of another company that exchanges the cryptocurrency of its customers for a fee.

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The operator of the purse for storing the cryptocurrency is the company or branch of another company that manages the purses for storing the cryptocurrency of the customers.

The activities of cryptocurrency exchange operators and purses for the storage of cryptocurrencies need to be separated from licensed traditional financial activities payment institutions, electronic money institutions, etc. However, licensed financial institutions can service the capital payments of cryptocurrency companies and their clients, creating an effective mechanism for fibre payments related to cryptocurrency.

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Requirements Registered legal entities companies in Lithuania may apply for registration of a crypto activity. The Register of Legal Entities of Lithuania must be notified of the implementation of activities related to cryptocurrency as well as of the measures taken to combat the legalization of proceeds of crime.

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Cryptocurrency and wallet exchange operators for the storage of cryptocurrency are controlled by the Financial Crimes Investigation Unit, FIU. Board members as well as ultimate beneficial owners UBO of a company need to meet the requirements of impeccable reputation. Registered legal entities companies in Lithuania have the right to register the initial placement of coins and to carry out public distribution of tokens, successfully offering virtual coins to investors in all EU countries.

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