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darbas iš telemarketing home

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Specific security measures have been taken to prevent loss of data, their unlawful or incorrect use and unauthorised access. However, failure to provide personal data may make it impossible to fulfil the user's requests. Providing personal data for the purposes referred to under point D above is optional.

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In any other case, personal data will not be communicated, unless it is necessary to reply to requests by the Judicial or Public Security Authorities. The data collected darbas iš telemarketing home not be disseminated in any case whatsoever.

Personal data processed for the purposes referred to under point D above will be stored for 24 months starting from the date of consent.

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At the end of the storage period, personal data shall be erased, or made permanently anonymous. This document was written in Italian and translated into other languages.

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If there are any differences among the various versions or doubts about interpreting, the text in Italian shall prevail. Įvyko netikėta klaida: iš naujo įkelkite puslapį arba vėliau bandykite dar kartą.

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