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International framework agreement on labour rights signed at Danske Bank Published on: 03 Lapkritis Author: English en In SeptemberUNI global union signed an international framework agreement on fundamental labour rights with the Danish-based finance multinational Danske Bank.

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It recognises the competitive benefit for the company of good relations with trade unions and guarantees labour rights for workers worldwide. On 9 Septemberthe largest Danish financial danske bank finland, Danske Bankand UNI global union signed an international framework agreement on fundamental labour rights covering 24, workers.

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Content of agreement In the agreement, the Danske Bank group recognises the potentially competitive outcome of good relations with trade unions and employee organisations and places great emphasis on these relations. With regard to working conditionsDanske Bank also accepts its part of the danske bank finland for ensuring that its employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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Furthermore, in addition to the commitment to comply with fundamental labour rights, the group agrees to support dialogue at both national and global levels, promising a high level of relevant information and encouraging a greater degree of employee involvement. Thus, a set of group-wide human resources HR policies will be implemented, where these do not conflict with local rules or regulations.

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According to Danske Bank, the human relations policies aim to ensure that the group remains an attractive place to work for its highly qualified staff. In the context of its responsibilities towards staff and the local economies, Danske Bank endeavours to anticipate change and restructuring within the group in order to minimise any negative effects on employment.

Danske Bank is also committed to integrating employment and social consequences in strategic decisions and to providing training in order to facilitate change processes.

Danske Bank is also committed to promoting the agreement in companies where it has a minority shareholding, as well as among outsourcing partners and suppliers.

Monitoring of the agreement and regular progress reports danske bank finland be provided by the signatories in meetings between Danske Bank management and UNI global union.

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Commentary This agreement is the latest in a series of international framework agreements see, for example, EUIEUI and EUI that aim to guarantee minimum international labour standards. In the case of Danske Bank, the agreement also contains far-reaching commitments regarding employment policies.

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It is important to note that the agreement represents a transnational framework of industrial relations, which will be used for the implementation of the group-wide human relations policies. This is a first for a European-based finance daugiašalę prekybos sistemą. Tell us what you think.

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